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Marinfomail (Unavailable after 31 March 2014)

What's the Marinfomail

With minimum contract fee & the independent connection charge system, your communication cost will be greatly reduced, and useful data /competitive information will be delivered to your land office & your vessel.

Our E-mail distribution service is based on a flat monthly provider contract rate excluding communications charges. The greatest advantages of this service are that it improves cost-effectiveness for information communications and frees you from the inconveniences related to communications management by utilizing our centralized mail distribution management.

Benefits of Choosing the Marinfomail

  1. This mail system fully and effectively utilizes technology for information distribution and can cut communications expenses by as much as 85%.

  2. As charges are separated for messages from ship-to-shore and shore-to-ship, unnecessary expenses will not be generated for customers receiving messages.

  3. This mail system will render direct exchange of FAX and Telex between ships and land-based offices obsolete. Our distribution management system automatically converts electronic messages to FAX or Telex before distributing them when necessary. Messages between ship-and-shore, therefore, will be dispatched by E-mail only, and communication will be optimized and thus much less expensive than directly sending FAX or Telex.

  4. You can integrate into this mail system multiple access methods such as FAX, Telex, Internet mail and mobile communications. 

  5. By using E-mail, the necessity for speech-based exchange decreases except in cases of emergency. By fulfilling the content of information, communication between ship-and-shore improves to reduce misunderstanding.

Features of the Mail Software

  1. Satellite protocol suitable for communication between ships-and-shore

    • Full duplex function simultaneously transmits and receives data
    • Data-compression function with an average compression rate of 60% for any file 
    • Reduction in transmission costs as a result of shortened connect time by synchronizing modems and minimizing connection procedures 
    • Cutting down on communications expenses by automatic recovery from communication interruption
    • Error correction function 
    • Reducing communications expenses by re-sending data from the cache memory in the server

  2. Reliability and certainty of distribution

    The mail system emphasizes absolute message delivery. It has a function that checks whether the E-mail has been delivered and also has a response function that checks whether the receiver has opened the letter.

  3. Iinterface close to other application software

    By introducing optional software into the PC where the mail software is installed, data can be exchanged with other application software. For example, data can be exchanged with report or management systems application software without manual intervention.

  4. Availability of the Internet

    The mail software has a function for sending and receiving Internet mail. Offices in various locations can therefore be connected via the Internet for only the local calling rate using the mail software installed in the offices.

To learn more about the Marinfomail

Please contact us by email or telephone.

  +81 3 5434 5612 (weekdays 8:30 - 17:15) / +81 3 5434 5655 (FAX)