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Annual Maintenance Service

What's the Annual Maintenance Service

JRC Marinfonet has a policy that operations of contracted vessels should be maintained to a maximum extent. To achieve this, JRC Marinfonet takes all measures against equipment failures, and responds to the failures with our best efforts.

Annual Maintenance Service leads to resolution of existing problems on maintenance and repairs of radio equipment and navigation equipment shown below.

  • Difficulty in maintaining of equipment in a well-planned manner
  • Nonexistence of personnel familiar with radio / navigation equipment
  • Difficulty in controlling of year-round maintenance expenditure
  • Time, effort and money to handle unexpected equipment failures
    Urgent response is often required and this increases burden on persons concerned.
  • Incomplete repairs and pending issues caused by little understanding on the situation of failures
  • Difficulty in responding to new international rules, requirements of classification societies and technical information from the manufacturer

Service Contens

  1. Periodical Check and Overhaul of Equipment

    Overall checkup of JRC's products is carried out once a year. If any problems on JRC's products are detected through the checkup, necessary spare parts and technicians for follow-up servicing are arranged by JRC Marinfonet.

  2. Support for S/R and S/E Surveys

    Checkup of GMDSS, EPIRB, AIS, VDR/SVDR and SSAS made by JRC is carried out prior to the annual surveys. Technicians and needful spares for the preliminary checkup of the above equipment are arranged.

  3. Cause Analysis and Troubleshooting

    Any reported problem on JRC's products is analyzed by JRC Marinfonet. Based on the analysis, first-aid procedure is provided. Then parts and technicians are arranged to rectify the problem.

  4. Parts Supply and Technicians Arrangement

     Spare parts to be replaced and technicians to attend are arranged timely, by utilizing the worldwide service network of Japan Radio Company.

  5. Up-to-date Information and Data Provision

     Current status of equipment such as due date of surveys, expiration date of batteries etc. is provided up-front. Other related information is also provided as need arises.

  6. Retention of Entire Service Histories

     All past service histories such as job orders, parts used, shipping details, service reports, billing data etc. are stored in JRC Marinfonet's database. Customers can call for a report anytime. 

Our Unique Service

  1. One-stop Service

    • Priority response from dedicated staff members 

    Persons of shipping companies have only to provide JRC Marinfonet with ETA, ETD and contact details of ship's agent at vessel's calling port. However, things that JRC Marinfonet is not able to act for shipping companies, such as submitting application for survey to classification society, have to be done by shipping companies' side. 

  2. Combined Management 

    • Ship register list 
    • Maintenance and repair record 
    • Inspection record and renewal notice 
    • Service report of maintenance and repair 
    • Notice of expiration for periodical replacement parts 

  3. Fixed Annual Budget 

    • Annual maintenance service for all JRC's products 
    • Preparation, attendance and report writing for surveys 
    • Costs for labor, parts(*1), shipping(*2), customs clearing, traveling and miscellaneous expense(*3)
    • Excluding: *1 certain parts peculiar *2 heavy loads *3 some special cases 

  4. Arrangement for Repair Work 

    • Collecting information on failures and trouble analysis 
    • Advising stop-gap measures: many problems can be fixed by troubleshooting tips 
    • Dispatching necessary parts to calling port 
    • Selecting best suited service companies and providing technical advices 
    • Analyzing repair reports and follow-up for remaining matters 

  5. Overall Checkup and Maintenance 

     Maintenance service and periodical parts replacement for all JRC's products equipped on contracted vessels 

  6. Latest information provision 

    • Information from IMO / classification societies 
    • Information from Japan Radio Company 

    Make operations of contracted vessels safer, and make equipment planning easier by providing up-to-date information related to radio / navigation equipment. 

To learn more about the Annual Maintenance Service

Please contact us by email or telephone.

  JRC Marinfonet - Maintenance Service Dept.

  +81 3 5534 7820 (weekdays 8:30~17:15) / +81 3 5534 7821 (FAX)